News Release

AIDA Cruise & Help: Holiday raffle on board enables further school projects

Every year during the Christmas and New Year cruises, the AIDA fleet conducts its traditional holiday raffle for a good purpose. Through a variety of activities at the end of 2022, many donations were collected enabling children all over world to gain access to education with AIDA Cruise & Help in the new year.

Due to the great participation of the AIDA crew and guests along with a donation sum of € 171,000, the initiative can continue its work to build schools where they are most needed.

“I wish to express my sincere thanks to all dedicated supporters of AIDA Cruise & Help. Hand in hand, the AIDA family has now been standing up for children in the poorer regions of the world for three years to give them a self-determined future,” Felix Eichhorn, President AIDA Cruises, said.

Since May 2019, AIDA Cruise & Help has been combining all charitable projects of AIDA Cruises. Focusing on better educational opportunities, 37 schools in emerging and developing countries with a total of over 4,200 places for pupils have already been initiated in Haiti, Indonesia, Madagascar, Namibia and Nepal, on the Philippines and in Sri Lanka.

More information about the commitment of AIDA Cruise & Help as well as details about the donation options are available at

Rostock, January 24, 2023