Stakeholder Engagement

Carnival Corporation & plc regularly and proactively engages with a broad range of stakeholder groups that have interests in our sustainability policies, standards and performance. Such stakeholder groups include: guests, employees, home and destination port communities, travel professionals, suppliers, media, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government agencies, investors, and business organizations.

Through active, ongoing communications, we develop common understandings of the issues relevant to the challenges we face, including industry-specific aspects and technical terminology. There is usually mutual agreement on the type of engagement between Carnival and stakeholders, such as types of meetings (group meetings, one-on-ones), meeting frequency, information exchange, and roles of each party. The engagement process ensures that all stakeholders can voice their concerns. We will continue to engage in these discussions and seek to adopt and develop opportunities based on what we learn in order to contribute to, and succeed in, sustainable growth and value creation.