Ethics & Compliance

Ethics & Compliance

Greetings from the Ethics & Compliance Team!

Carnival Corporation formed our global team to help us be a better, stronger and more compliant organization. Over the past year, we have laid a solid foundation across the company and are actively working on a number of projects.

We’re excited to launch our new team pages here on our corporate website, which give additional background, important information and news.

Our Global Ethics and Compliance (E&C) team operates from Carnival Corporation’s headquarters in Doral, Fl. In addition, we partner with several E&C officers, leaders, trainers and communicators at each of our nine brands. Together, we support Carnival Corporation and plc’s global efforts to:

  • protect the environment
  • promote health and safety
  • promote and monitor a strong corporate culture of openness, trust, care and respect
  • identify and monitor compliance risks
  • ensure appropriate training to increase awareness of laws & rules
  • provide adequate resources and executive support
  • promote a strong corporate culture of openness, trust, care and respect



Carnival Ethics & Compliance

Our E&C Leaders focus on the following disciplines:

  • Environmental
  • Health, Safety, and Security
  • General Compliance
  • Risk Management and Data Analytics
  • Training
  • Culture
  • Communications

What is “compliance” – and what does that term really mean?

Compliance is about following our policies and procedures, as well as the laws, rules and regulations that Carnival Corporation must uphold everywhere we operate. That includes international codes and treaties, as well as internal company policies and procedures, such as the employee Code of Conduct and conflict of interest reporting. We have E&C teams and leaders across the Corporation and brands – both shoreside and shipboard.

We all must play a part in maintaining compliance.

Our E&C Department also provides effective training and continuous monitoring to prevent, detect, respond and correct any violations. We also need your help in raising questions or concerns. If you see something, say something.

Our E&C Logo

We’re also revealing our new E&C Logo, which features images that reflect our purpose and priorities:

  • People

These figures represent the importance of our people, and, they also symbolize our nine unique brands. The circular layout reflects how we’re all interconnected around the world.

  • Wheel

The wheel represents how we, together, are steering our company in the right direction. You’ll notice that as the wheel turns clockwise, it will break through the waves, symbolizing the progress we will make in our journey.

  • Circular loop

This image reflects our commitment to continuously improve, and how that also involves closing the loop in providing feedback and open communications. It also demonstrates how we learn and listen to each other, and through our audits and investigations.

  • Compass dial

This image points to True North – which are the ethics principles and values that we seek to uphold. Our goal is to “do the right things, in the right ways, and for the right reasons.”

  • Anchor

This symbol is set in the center for a reason. It shows the importance of our maritime tradition and the stability and strength that comes from teamwork – across all brands, on both ship and shore.

  • Waves

These images represent the ocean and remind us of our priorities to protect the environment, promote health and safety and be in compliance wherever we operate.

  • Colors

We are committed to protect our environment; blue represents our oceans, and green represents our land.